Termination of Parental Rights

parental rights attorneySevering the parental rights to a child can be accomplished voluntarily or involuntarily. When a party’s parental rights are terminated, all rights and responsibilities to the child are severed. This may include, but is not limited to: the payment of child support, the right to make decisions regarding the child and the right to visit or have custody of the child.

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An involuntary action to terminate parental rights can be brought by the State of Nevada incident to abuse or neglect of a child. When Child Protective Services removes a child from its home and the parent does not remedy the circumstances which led to the child’s removal, the State will bring an action to terminate the parent’s parental rights and seek to place the child with an adoptive resource.

A parent’s rights can also be terminated by the filing of a petition by a private person such as a fit parent or other relative of a child. Normally this occurs in a situation where there has been abandonment of a child by one or more of its parents and another party is seeking to adopt the child.

A parent may also voluntarily relinquish their parental rights but the Court is hesitant to grant such a request unless there is another person who is willing to assume parental responsibility of the child such as a step-parent or another relative.

Denise Gallagher of Gallagher Attorney Group has a wealth of experience in termination of parental rights cases. She was one of only nine attorneys chosen by Clark County Nevada to serve as a conflict public defender who represented parents who were facing termination of parental rights as a result of allegations brought by Child Protective Services. Denise Gallagher has successfully defended numerous termination of parental rights cases. Denise Gallagher has also successfully litigated private petitions to terminate parental rights which resulted in the successful adoption of children.

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